Our Farm

Longridge Olives is currently the largest Super High Density Grove in Australia.  The first 20 hectares of high density groves were planted in 1998.  The Super High Density grove was planted in 2009 and is designed to accommodate the latest mechanisation and orchard systems for olives. The secure underground water supply and excellent grove management ensures that the orchard provides a consistent and reliable supply of high quality 100% Certified Extra Virgin Olive Oil either in bulk or packaged to customer specifications.

Lachlan spraying the SHD in 2011


Longridge Olives is a 100% family farm owned by the Rowntree Family and is  comprised of  over 87,000 trees of specially selected varieties that suit the SHD model.  These include Picual, Barnea, Arbequina, Arbosona, Koroneiki and FS17.

We are proud of our talented family who are 100% committed to producing the very best fruit they can, whilst respecting the natural environment, to create a product that is rich in flavour and complexity.


The sun setting after a long day’s work in the orchard.