Jim’s in charge of all things mechanical and is responsible for designing, planning and managing both our super high density olive orchard but a neighbouring 214 hectare olive orchard as well.  Jim is innovative by nature and has made all manner of items that help to ensure we grow and harvest our olives in the most efficient way possible. Jim manages the largest olive processing facility in South Australia is our master processor and blender.


Lisa is in charge of all paperwork, staffing, sales and marketing for Longridge Estate.She is has been involved in many areas of the Olive industry since 1999, and chaired many committees that have helped to build and shape the Australian Olive industry.Lisa has been the Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Olive Association since 2011.

Thomas is a qualified Mechatronic and Systems Engineer who lives and works in Adelaide, however he is still the “ideas man” and helps to automate our harvester and other farm machinery.Tom is engaged to his NZ born girlfriend Georgia.  Both Tom and Georgia enjoy riding their bikes to interesting places around Adelaide.

Harrison is in charge of our ‘technical division’.  He is responsible for keeping our many computers in good working order and for developing and maintaining our website.Soon Harrison will be a qualified senior school Maths, Physics and IT Teacher but no matter where he is he’s only a click away from being able to assist his technology challenged parents.  In his spare time, Harrison loves to hang-glide.

After finishing school in 2013, Lachlan has decided to stay and work with us on the olive business (at least for now).  He has quickly become an indispensable asset to us all, willingly taking over most of the orchard management duties.  Lachlan is in charge of our annual harvest and is good at organising us all.  Harvest would not happen without him. Lachlan’s fantastic sense of humour keeps us entertained at all times, which is vitally important when farming, as God knows you need a sense of humour to be a farmer.

Taylor is our last child…. yes she’s a girl (it had to happen eventually).  Taylor is in her final year of schooling and plans to head off to University to study International Business Marketing so she can take over the role from her mother :).  Taylor helps out with the annual harvest and in the design of our labels and point of sale material. Taylor has too many interests to list.  She loves everything.