Our Team

The Big Boss

Jim Rowntree - our Fearless Leader

Jim’s in charge of all things mechanical and is responsible for designing and planning the entire olive orchard.  Jim is innovative by nature and has made all manner of items that help to ensure we grow and harvest our olives in the most efficient way possible.


Lisa Rowntree - faffs around with the paperwork

Lisa is in charge of all paperwork, staffing, sales and marketing for Longridge Estate.  She is also the CEO of the Australian Olive Association  and has worked tirelessly for the Australian Olive Industry since 1999.

Little Boss

Thomas Rowntree

Thomas is our first born son (test run) and is almost fully trained as an Mechatronic Engineer.  His love of pulling things apart to see how they worked has stood him in good stead on the farm. Tom is responsible for helping to automate our harvester and other farm machinery and was the first person to figure out our GPS unit.  This meant he had the job of marking where every stake on the new SHD orchard went.  Tom’s knowledge of robotics and his engineering mind has made him a real asset to the business.

Techno Kid

Harrison Rowntree

Harrison is in charge of the ‘technical division’.  Harrison has an unfathomable interest in computers and all things gadgety.  This makes him indispensable to our farm.  He is responsible for keeping the many computers in good working order and for developing and maintaining our website.  He also moonlights as an awesome tractor driver and has now ensured that all tractors have a DVD player and surround sound.  Harrison is studying Civil Engineering at Adelaide Uni and I’m sure we’ll find a way to use these extra skills somewhere.


Lachlan Rowntree

Lachlan is our number three boy!  He’s incredibly funny and keeps us entertained at all times, which is vitally important when farming, as God knows you need a sense of humour to be a farmer.  Lachlan is still at school, but he’s a talented and enthusiastic tractor driver and holds the record for skilfully unloading olive bins onto the transport truck.    Lachlan has been involved in many harvests and enjoys his time down the shed helping his brothers and father build and fix equipment.

Taylor Rowntree

Taylor is our last child…. yes she’s a girl (it had to happen eventually).  Taylor is also still at school, but fortunately for us she is now tall enough to drive a tractor.  Her brothers are giving her lessons in tractor driving so that she is all prepared and ready for future harvests.

Taylor shows great negotiating skills and is keen to share her views with others.  We’re quite certain that we’ll find a good use for all those talents on the farm very soon.