Our Products

The majority of our oil is sold to other existing brands, but we do keep some of the special EVOO for our regular customers.  This oil is packed into 2 litre casks and sold by the carton (8 per carton).

2 litre cask with easy non-drip tap

Benefits of a cask

  • Olive Oil goes rancid very quickly if it’s not stored correctly.  Heat, light and air deteriorate olive oil.
  • Casks protect the oil from harmful light.
  • The food grade bladder inside the cask contracts as oil is removed, preventing air contact with oil. Tins and bottles do not offer this level of protection.
  • Casks have a much longer shelf life – up to 3 years in some cases.
  • The 2 litre cask is easy to hold in your hand.
  • Less wastage. Folds flat when finished.
  • Fits nicely on the pantry shelf.
  • Exclusive NON-DRIP tap means no mess, drips or oil stains.
  • Easy to decant from the cask into smaller bottles if desirable.
  • Casks are 100% recyclable.
  • No glass! – easy and safe to dispose of.
  • Sturdy and strong packaging – won’t shatter when dropped.

Currently, we only stock our oil in the 2L casks as they are the most popular and sell for $20 AUD each (or $160 AUD for the box of eight). If you would like oil packaged differently (bulk orders), please get in contact with us and we’ll arrange to have it done. Some options are:

  • 250/500ml Glass Bottles
  • 4L PET
  • 10L Cask
  • 20L Transportable Container
  • A truckload!
The shipping for the oil is all calculated on application as rates vary from city to city.